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Introducing Kiwi Crunch

Kiwi Crunch forms part of a very effective, fully integrated supply chain, based in Hawke's Bay, the fruit bowl of New Zealand. As an export company we distribute top grade apples and pears to over 30 countries around the globe.

The Kiwi Crunch brand has built a strong reputation wor for delivering quality and consistency to its customers.

Within the Crasborn group of companies we form part of a vertically integrated supply chain, allowing us to oversee all aspects of the production process from field to market. In addition to Crasborns, we market on behalf of several reputable growers from within the region.

Kiwi Crunch

A New Zealand Company

Kiwi Crunch Promotions Ltd is based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Hawkes Bay is considered the fruit bowl of New Zealand due to its warm weather and fertile soil. This climate provides for excellent growing conditions of apples and pears.

New Zealand has led the world in the rapid introduction of new emerging apple and pear varieties. Kiwi Crunch strives to be a market leader in New Zealand and provide its customers with new and exciting apple and pear varieties

Kiwi Crunch

The Future of Fruit Distribution

Kiwi Crunch and our partners are supported by a fully integrated enterprise level database system.

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We adhere to industry IT standards regarding the communication of electronic information.

Our systems have built-in redundancy and regular backups ensure data integrity.

Kiwi Crunch

Clean, Safe & Quality Fruit

We have a strong supply base consisting of a small group of reputable growers that are committed to growing quality produce. We take a tough stance on quality, only marketing fruit from orchards that hold a relevant accreditation to assure our consumers they are receiving quality apples and pears.

All produce is packed and stored by Crasborns. Rigid state-of-the-art quality control systems ensure only clean safe fruit is packed from fully accredited suppliers.

Various quality control points are in place to ensure product consistency, legality and safety.

Quality and global certificates


British Retail Consortium

  • Certifying quality, safety and other operational criteria


  • Providing our orchards with organic certification as an assurance of organic integrity for our customers.
  • Provides organic access to key global markets.

United States Department of Agriculture

  • Pre-shipment inspections of all fruit bound for the US.


  • Covers all stages of production, from pre-harvest to packing and storage.
  • Non-governmental organisation

Kiwi Crunch

...and Crasborns

Kiwi Crunch Promotions Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Crasborn Group Ltd. Crasborns is a family owned company, located in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Within the Crasborn group of companies, Kiwi Crunch forms part of an effective fully integrated supply chain.

Being a part of The Crasborns Group enables Kiwi Crunch to oversee all operations of apple and pear production processes, including; planting, harvesting, packing, cool storage, shipping and marketing.

As a leading produce marketer, Kiwi Crunch recognises that a close eye must be kept on the ever-changing environment in which we work. Our customised IT system encompasses production records, harvesting, packing and quality control, shipping and export documentation and accounting software. Having this oversight of the full production process from orchard to market ensures our fruit is of the highest possible quality.

Crasborns, together with Kiwi Crunch, are continually looking at ways to adapt, with continued improvement of supply chain efficiencies and development of new varieties. This will ensure Kiwi Crunch continues to exceed all market expectations now and into the future